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Survey says…

So I’ve been doing a survey, asking folks at market which is their favorite of the spring’s new looks.  It’s not at all scientific, and the limitations are several.  For one thing, I didn’t want to overwhelm people with options, so I picked five.  Another problem is that several people asked me what one or more of the choices meant, which says there were others who didn’t ask.  But the idea was conceived out of fun, not for a million-dollar marketing project.  So I’m okay with a little uncertainty in my results.

Speaking of the results…  Here they are!


Three strand pearl necklace by Agnes of treasures570

#1  Classy multi-strand pearls
By a hair, the pearls won the contest.  Any why not?  Pearls can be done in so many ways.  They can be traditional, contemporary, or anything else you want them to be.  Today pearls can be seen on brides (though they once were avoided as they represent tears), on the red carpet, at work, or at the grocery store.  Is there anywhere pearls can’t go?  I submit that there is not.


"Rosey lock and key" by Nikki of bejeweledbynikki on Etsy

#2  Anything in rose gold
Rose gold is an alloy that results from mixing gold, silver, and copper.  Without going into a bunch of boring details and percentages (which can be found on Wikipedia), that’s how we get the different colors in Black Hills Gold.  Which no longer comes from the Black Hills, but that’s another story entirely.  Suffice it to say here that rose gold is delicate without being fluffy-cute, is rich without being stuffy, and is an elegant third option to the eternal gold-or-silver question.


"Lush Sterling Silver Chandelier Post Earrings" by Jessica of JessicaC on Etsy

#3  Big chandelier earrings
Let’s face it, ladies, who doesn’t love a great pair of dangly earrings?  They make a trip to the mall feel like a fancy outing.  As they swing against your neck (highlighting the graceful curves, I might add) you remember that even rock stars have to get their oil changed and their clothes pressed.  Maybe you feel a little like a rock star or a movie diva yourself…  And there’s nothing wrong with that!


"Sweet Yellow Rose Hair Pins" by brontesattic on Etsy

#4  Cabachon stones
The top three items on the survey were very close together, but cab stones made a showing.  There was more confusion about what cab stones are than with any of the other items, so if you weren’t sure, a cabachon stone refers to a flat-backed stone that is set with a bezel; instead of prongs holding the stone down, there is a band of metal going all the way around the edge of the stone holding the stone to the piece.  Most often cab stones are round or oval shaped, and the face of the stone is rounded rather than faceted, but they can occasionally be seen with facets, and one of the advantages of the bezel is that you can corral any irregular shape that comes your way!


"Recycled silver, gold and chain earring" by Marja of lemonadehandmade on Etsy

#5  Chain – fringes and tassels
Obviously, chain itself is hardly a new fashion (Hey look!  Somebody invented hair!), but this season we’re seeing more of it used in tassels and fringes, dangling from random items.  On purses, belts, hair accessories, and more, chain seems to be replacing the Bedazzler as the ubiquitous random-embellishment-of-choice.  Not that it’s a problem.  Personally, I’ll take chain over Bedazzles any day of the week.  And twice on Sunday.

Honorable Mention – Cocktail rings
I did get a single write-in vote, which is great, and the gal voted for the cocktail ring.  This 60’s staple has been “new again”  for a couple seasons, but it’s still going strong.  Like most of these styles, you can take it anywhere (except perhaps into the pool) and it’s a very personalized look.

Thanks to all the folks who contributed their opinions (and to my fellow Etsians who graciously allowed me to use their photos).  Now I’d like to hear from you – which of these looks is your favorite?  Add a comment below, I’d love to know what’s on your mind!


So let’s say (hypothetically) that a certain young woman is displeased with the name of a vehicle she’s driving, and tells said vehicle she is going to rename it.  Let’s then say that the same hypothetical truck dies in the middle of an intersection ten minutes later and refuses to start again, pretty much screwing the hypothetical young woman’s evening (not to mention the evening of her also-hypothetical knight in shining armor).  Hypothetically speaking, is it safe for the young woman to go ahead and rename the truck something reasonable like Helga or Trudy or Angharad, or should the hypothetical young woman take the hypothetical breakdown as a not-at-all hypothetical SIGN FROM ABOVE and drop the issue?

She’s dead, Jim.

It’s official, people, my desktop is toast.  I tried, Albert tried, Jared tried, and all we’re getting is the blue screen of death.  Seeing as I don’t have the fundage to throw at her, I must say RIP to my old computer.

Not so sad about the computer, especially since I have this SNAZZY NEW LAPTOP (thanks to my fabulous family).  But very, very sad about all the lost photos and data.  Irreplaceable photos of Mike and the stuff we did, family photos, lots of them.

Life lesson #4,832:  BACK UP YOUR DATA REGULARLY!!!

UPDATE July 18:  IT’S ALIVE!!!

Bless Earl’s heart, he played with the old beast and get her up and running, got all my data backed up, and now it’s been copied on to Ubu where it’ll actually do me some good!  Three cheers for Earl!  Hip, hip, huzzah!  Hip, hip, huzzah!  Hip, hip, HUZZAH!

Of course, the Word files don’t want to open…  But I think I’ll scour the interwebs for how to convert files.  Earl has enough on his plate with the wedding, fixing up the house, etc…