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Taking a break

Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is around the corner, and I’m at home.  Why is that?  Because I got laid off.  🙁  Good news is, it’s temporary.  Being a member of the IBEW (da UNION), and especially being an apprentice, I’ll get sent back to work within a couple weeks any time I get laid off.  And in this case, I’ll be back at the same site by Christmas because as soon as the last concrete pour is ready they’ll need me (and several other people) back again.

This leaves me with a couple weeks of having extra time on my hands.  What am I doing with it?  EVERYTHING.  I’m catching up on sleep, housework, paperwork, correspondence…  And also I’m creating for the first time in months!  It feels GREAT by the way.  My schedule has been so ridiculous (13 hours gone every day for work and commute) and I’ve been so far behind for so long.  I’m not happy with the financial picture this is painting, but I definitely need the break.

All in all, it’s good timing.  Now I’ll have time to make Christmas gifts as planned.  😀  And I’ll try to update this a few times while I’m not so frantically busy!