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Shocking news

Today is a red-letter day, my friends.  Today I’m going to tell you about…  Making jewelry!  Or at least, my jewelry business activities.

Yes, I know!  Unprecedented, isn’t it?  I’m pretty sure I talk about everything *but* jewelry on this blog.  But I figure, hey, why not?  And since I’ve lately been devoting a lot more time to building up my business, I figure I ought to take a crack at it.

What have I been doing, you may ask.  (Or you may not.  But I’m going to tell you anyway.)  Well, first, when I moved the bulk of my item listings to Zibbet, I also started cruising the fora (plural of forum, for those of you who prefer your Latin without the standard American twist) and found a thriving, warm community.  I got involved with a group that does weekly “flash attacks,” trading links and promoting each others’ shops and items.

The best time for me to do this work turned out to be on my morning and afternoon commute, so I ponied up the cash for wifi service on the ferry and signed up for a Hootsuite account to manage all my posts.  And it’s been working brilliantly!

I sign on in the morning and schedule tweets to go out all day while I’m at work.  Generally, I do half of them for the “flashee” at the time, and the other half are divided between my own items and other random things like Seahawks news or current events or useful articles.  I really enjoy finding the twitter handle of someone affiliated with whatever I’m posting and tagging them.  ;-D

One thing I’m really trying to do is provide more content than just sales pitches.  I mean, who’s going to follow me – and pay attention – if all I do is advertise all day?  No, I need to have more to attract people than just that.  So after I schedule out a dozen or so messages (more if the mood strikes) I look at what’s trending and find a discussion to contribute to.  Like the #YesAllWomen, for example, though I wasn’t doing this yet when that got started.

Basically, I’m trying to interact with others in the Twitterverse in a way that encourages them to pay attention.  Thus far I’m meeting with some results.  Pretty much every day something that’s come out of my feed gets attention from outside our flash attack group.  Which is the mark of success for what I’m doing – we’re all very attentive to each other, so when these ladies share my tweets it’s awesome, but doesn’t show the same results that I’m looking for in my other posts.

It’s a slow process, but I think it’s working.  At least a bit.  Which is really all I can ask for!  As my darling HSO is fond of saying, “Progress is.”

The return of NaNoWriMo

That’s right, it’s time again for thirty days of literary insanity!  This year’s project will be titled “Ferry Tales” and it will follow The Redhead through her regular ferry commute between Bremerton and Seattle.  Quite a reach, don’t you think?  😉

One of the things I’ve decided to try this year is that I’m not going to name any of my characters.  The protagonist is The Redhead.  On her morning commute she sits near Woman With a Million Stories and the Voyeuristic Grandmother who eggs her on.  She will get hit on at some point by a Tall Biker With a Mustache.  You get the idea!

Hopefully by removing my need to invent backstories and names the action will flow a little better.  And since most of my characters like to sit on their rumps and talk too much rather than getting things done (gee I can’t see why they would!) this tactic might play to my strengths as a writer and make the month easier to get through.  I hope.

So forgive me if I don’t post much (or at all) for the next month.  I’ll probably be so tired of writing that I start getting the urge to throw Ubu across the room.  Or not…  But maybe!  At any rate, the third try is supposed to be the charm, and I’m hoping to win again this year.  Wish me luck; we start in about two hours and fifteen minutes!

Websites, websites everywhere…

It’s amazing to me how much goes into setting up an apparently seamless social media array.  Twitter, Facebook, personal website, and throw in an Etsy shop and maybe even ArtFire, just for kicks.  What do you get?  One stressed out Mel!

But it’s (slowly) coming together.  I’m converting my Mel’s Bells Etsy shop over to just finished goods, and moving the supplies over to the brand new Bead and Bean shop.  I also set up my Bead and Bean website to automatically redirect to my Mel’s Bells site.  Because I’m lazy.  Or pressed for time.  I let you decide.

At any rate, I can now hand out my biz cards without worrying that someone will actually look me up.  Yeah, I did.  Damned shortsighted actions…

Next steps are 1. finish and distribute flyers for home parties (kids and adults), 2. hook up with churches and community centers to teach classes and do projects, and 3. set up a REAL website for B&B.

Actually the next step is to go to Tacoma and celebrate Tuck’s birthday.  But who’s really keeping track?

She’s dead, Jim.

It’s official, people, my desktop is toast.  I tried, Albert tried, Jared tried, and all we’re getting is the blue screen of death.  Seeing as I don’t have the fundage to throw at her, I must say RIP to my old computer.

Not so sad about the computer, especially since I have this SNAZZY NEW LAPTOP (thanks to my fabulous family).  But very, very sad about all the lost photos and data.  Irreplaceable photos of Mike and the stuff we did, family photos, lots of them.

Life lesson #4,832:  BACK UP YOUR DATA REGULARLY!!!

UPDATE July 18:  IT’S ALIVE!!!

Bless Earl’s heart, he played with the old beast and get her up and running, got all my data backed up, and now it’s been copied on to Ubu where it’ll actually do me some good!  Three cheers for Earl!  Hip, hip, huzzah!  Hip, hip, huzzah!  Hip, hip, HUZZAH!

Of course, the Word files don’t want to open…  But I think I’ll scour the interwebs for how to convert files.  Earl has enough on his plate with the wedding, fixing up the house, etc…

Happy birthday to me!

Thanks to my fabulous beeeg seeester Aubrey, I have a brad new laptop for my birthday!  Woot-woot!

I know I’ve been MIA for months now, but my PC died on me (right in the middle of the Christmas rush, no less) so I’ve had to borrow others’ computing devices for months now.  And between keeping Etsy up, checking my email, and (occasionally) following the news a little, my blog has fallen by the wayside.  Mea culpa, my followers, please forgive me!

You know that I’m not the most prolific poster, but I hope you’ll continue to pop in on occasion and see what’s blowing my skirt up…  figuratively, of course.  😉